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With more than twenty years of experience in logistics, telecommunications and software development we are well equipped to offer you the right kind of support with the help of the latest technologies and methods for development. A kind of support that will ideally help you to stay ahead of your competition.


Logistics is one of our key areas for which we are able to employ a team of experts. Being very well versed with the varies logistics processes and LVS-software, we are a valuable partner for companies that seek competent and professional consulting services. Upon request we can assist with the analysis and optimisation of your logistics sector as well as the intralogistical processes.


In many cases the standard applications are not sufficient for the individual aspects of a business or project. For these sorts of situations, we develop tailored software solutions. Let it be interfaces between different systems, desktop, web, mobile applications or cloud services. We provide you with a solution.


Telecommunications is also a sector where we very much feel at home. On one hand we advise big telecommunication service providers, on the other hand we also know our way around the telecommunications of small businesses. Considering that, we for example are specialised in the Unified Communications Solution SwyxWare (NetPhone).


Be it a CRM or a highly complex logistical software. Many systems are outdated but still do require adaptations to today’s technologies and new features. We implement your new requirements for your system and help to maintain your software.


There are many elegant ways to modernise and streamline a company’s processes – keyword Lean Management. Due to the automation of prompt data and information provision, many steps and tasks can be optimized and processes simplified. Also, the usage of ports in between systems and applications does play an important role.


We ensure that recurring IT processes, like for example data imports can be run automatically. To do so we for instance develop individual PowerShell or Bash-Scripts as well as entire applications according to your needs.

Microsoft 365

Doesn’t every customer want to have an actually useful product? In the following three sentences we would like to introduce you to the advantages of Microsoft 365 as a Cloud Solution for SMEs as well as big enterprises.

Thanks to the combination of many well-known Microsoft applications like for example “Word”, “Excel”, “Exchange”, “SharePoint” and “Skype for Business” in a cloud solution, it will save you time and money.

Due to the multitude of the included applications you can forgo other manufacturer’s programmes and hence avoid a mess of third-party software, which aren’t matched up perfectly to each other.

Data encryption, compliance certification and other security relevant functionalities are of course also at your disposal.


SwyxWare, SwyxON & NetPhone Services

With our Swyx services, your customers can integrate the SwyxWare into their daily work routine even better.


Are you looking for information like for example to display the SwyxWare user status in a different software or to connect a CRM System to the SwyxWare? We will gladly help you to develop a suitable solution based on the Swyx SDKs (C#, C++). Upon request we can also create SwyxIt Plugins as well as SwyxWare PowerShell Scripts.


Are you looking to administrate SwyxWare more efficiently and to simplify or rather automate recurring tasks? Thanks to the Swyx PowerShell Modul and the Swyx SDKs (C#, C++) we are able to offer you tailor-made solutions.


Do you require special call routing for one user or more based on varies factors like for example time of day or login status? Thanks to the Graphic Script Editors (GSE) and Visual Basic Script we can develop a suitable solution for your company.


Be it about general support, a new installation or an update of some SwyxWare, we can help you out. This includes the set-up of SwyxWare integrations like for example DATEV, Lotus Notes or Visual Contacts.

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Fairness and transparency as well as accuracy and structure are important to us. In our company these represent the pillars of a good long-term cooperation. As managing directors, we safeguard that our consultants, software developers and systems engineers fulfill these quality requirements and for your project will put together the right team at all times.

Andreas Kutzner

CPO & Logistics Consultant

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CEO & Development Consultant

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